Australian Open 2019

Let’s explore the players of Australian Open 2019

Data scraped from official Australian Open site. As part of my project for an online course I’m taking.

There is 256 records. 128 from each of the men’s and women’s draw. Data automatically collected from each player includes firstname, lastname, gender, current ranking, age, height, weight, career win/loss ratio, year turned pro, right/left hand, prize money collected, titles won, 2018 AO result, Best AO result, country, single/double backhand & grand slams won.

Tools used – excel, sql, tableau

You can view the tableau story I created here:!/vizhome/PlayersofAustralianOpen2019/Story1?publish=yes

Interesting stats:

Average Height & Weight of the male tennis player: 187.6cm & 81.4kg

Average of prize money earned in men’s draw: $8,357,940.63

Average of prize money earned in women’s draw: $5,828,678.20

Let’s take the top 3 from each side out (Federer, Djokovic, Nadal) & (S.Williams, V.Williams, Sharapova)

Average of prize money earned in men’s draw (excl Djokovic, Nadal & Federer) : $5,761,613.04

Average of prize money earned in women’s draw (excl S.Williams, V.Williams, Sharapova): $4,628,362.57

Here’s the correlation between career win/loss ratio and prizemoney


As a one handed backhand player myself, I love to watch a one handed player take the court in a grand slam. Unfortunately it is a dying art. In the women’s draw there is only 3 player’s with a one handed backhand, the most noticeable is Saurez Navarro. (You can filter this in Sheet 10 on Tableau link). There are a few men in the draw that still plays a one handed backhand (Thiem, Federer, Dimitrov, Wawrinka & Kohlscheriber) quite well known, but did you know that only 2 men plays a left handed single handed backhand? This includes 19 year old canadian Shapovalov, I am excited to watch his match!



The United States have the most representative in both the women’s and men’s draw. 


There will be 20 men and 21 women who will play their first Australian Open! That is a lot! ( see sheet 2)



There is a correlation between height and weight, but did you know the tallest woman in the draw (Maria Sharapova) is 188cm and only weight 59kg? Looks like I’m taller than 6 men!



Feel free to play around with my tableau workbook here. I’ve added filters to a lot of the worksheets to check out interesting stats.

Feel free to message me if you want the raw excel data to create your own graphs! I’ve also got another table of odds from TAB of each players. You can JOIN both these tables up and do whatever you want with it.


My TIP for AO 2019:

Men: Novak Djokovic

Women: Serena Williams or Victoria Azarenka (really anyone can win here)

Players to watch: Danill Medvedev, Denis Shapovalov, Hyeon Chung (how will he go this year?)


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