Why the Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program?

Another year, another skill to learn.  I have recently started another side hustle outside my fulltime work as a business analyst, you can check it out here wyflo.com.au. Wyflo is an ecommerce site selling wine, with a twist. I believe that digital marketing is extremely important, especially for starting a new ecommerce site, hence I have decided to upskill myself in Digital Marketing.

So why Udacity in particular? Having gone through 2 other Udacity nanodegree gave me the confidence on the quality of content and projects that I can expect to get from Udacity. This is a beginner program (no prerequisite knowledge required), so you can immediately start learning! Not managing your digital presence properly is planning to fail and with limited knowledge in digital marketing, I decided take the plunge and enrol in this Nanodegree.  

The sections in this Nanodegree are broken down into:

  1. Marketing Fundamentals – Explains the Digital Marketing Framework
  2. Content Strategy – How to create effective content, distribute/promote these content and then analyse it.
  3. Social Media Marketing – (This is why you’re reading this blog ?)
  4. Social Media Advertising – We will use Facebook business manager here for our project.
  5. Search Engine Optimization – We’ll learn all things SEO like why backlinks are important, how to perform keyword research and how to optimise a site for SEO. We’ll use the tool MOZ here for our project.
  6. Search Engine Marketing – We’ll use google ads for our project here.
  7. Display Advertising – We’ll be evaluating the results of a display ad campaign and create a presentation based on this.
  8. Email Marketing – We’ll use Mailchimp to create an email campaign for our project.
  9. Measure and optimize with Google Analytics – We’ll learn the ins and outs of Google analytics. There’s also a bonus optional LinkedIn review project here.
  10. Final Project – Create your portfolio!

(You can request a full syllabus in the Digital Marketing page on Udacity)

As you can see, there is a lot of content here in this Digital Marketing course, all of which have a practical project to help solidify the theory we learn from each section. This Nanodegree also allows students to bring in their own company (or you can use the Udacity provided business) to work on as part of the projects (which I think is brilliant and what I needed since I just started this side business! – This sold it for me).

I’m only 3 sections in, and I’m already learning a lot. You’ll be overwhelmed with all the tools and resources available to learn digital marketing, but this Nanodegree does a good job at summarising the key skills you need, as well as tools recommended for you to use.

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