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Today, you can learn anything you want online, without cost. Recently, I’ve started to take an interest in data analytics and data science, and have been going through various sites where I could learn the skills required in this field.

I’ve listed them below:

  1. DataCamp – DataCamp is a video and text based learning platform that have videos on almost all thing data. You can learn excel, sql, R, basic stats, finance etc. The learning process is that you would watch a video, and then attempt some sort of problem on their online editor. There’s a few projects you can take up in their project section. The value is there if you use it regularly. I would recommend to start with one month if you’re interested in learning data analytics, and go from there.

  2. Dataquest – Dataquest is a text based learning platform heavily focused on data analytics. They have a few catered path (Data Analyst in Python, Data Scientist in Python, Data Engineer & Data Analyst in R). I’m currently doing the Data Analyst in Python course. I notice there’s a few projects you can do after each section. I’ll write back here once I get through further, but so far it’s worth the money. 

  3. Udacity – Udacity offers something call a Nanodegree. I’ve done 2 of their Nanodegree, thanks to my work sponsoring me. I did the Business Analytics Nanodgree and Predictive Analytics Nanodgree. I enjoyed it a lot. I like how the program is structured (videos + exercise + a project at the end of each section). The project is quite fun and challenging at the same time and you learn a lot here. The only downside is that a Nanodegree cost a lot ($1200USD on average – last I know, they’ve changed their fee structure). You can take majority of the course offered in the Nanodegree for free at the expense of a certificate, projects and mentorship.

  4. EdX – You’ll find courses from Universities such as Harvard, MIT, Columbia etc. If you’re new to Computer Science and would like to learn more, I highly suggest Intro to CS50 offered by Harvard X or Intro to Comp Sci and Programming Using Python, by MITx. If stats is more your thing, the course Probability – The Science of Uncertainty and Data offered my MITx is one of the highest rated course out there.

  5. Coursera – Like Edx, you’ll find courses and specialisations from Universities such as University of Michigan, Stanford, UPenn etc. If you’re into Machine Learning, I highly recommend this course by Andrew Ng. Like EdX, Courses are free to audit, but if you want a cert at the end of it, you’ll need to pay up. 

  6. Udemy – Udemy has courses on everything. It’s basically an all online version of what I’m trying to do here at Teach & Learn. Courses are always on sale (if they’re not, make sure you grab a coupon). There’s a lot of junk courses though, so finding a decent one may take some time.

These are some examples of online resources I use. Let me know in the comments what other resources you use! 

Side tip: Before all this, check out this course -> Learning how to learn

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