Udacity Business Analytics Nanodegree Recap

This Nanodegree is a solid foundation program for people with limited to no knowledge in Business Analytics. You’ll be working through 3 main tools: Excel, SQL & Tableau. The recommended hours to spend on this course is around 120 hours, including time for your own readings, but you can definitely complete this in a shorter timeframe, especially if you have prior knowledge to any of excel, sql & tableau. You can take majority of the classes for free on Udacity, at the expense of a certificate, alumni portal, projects and mentor feedback/support.

This program can definitely be finished within a month, where you can save more in costs, if you decide to pursue the Nanodegree. The structure of this Nanodegree is videos -> mini quizzes -> videos etc and than a bigger project at the end of the each section. The Business Analytics Nanodegree is separated into 3 main sections and there are 3 projects to submit. Each project have a mini video tutorial beforehand to help you understand what is needed and get you started. There are also the student hub where you can seek assistance from mentors or other students, unlike the Predictive Analytics Nanodegree, I did not require any assistance for this Nanodegree. I did come in with advanced excel skills and no knowledge of Sql and Tableau, so there was plenty for me to learn.

The sections are broken down into:

  1. Introduction – A really simple project where you view a tableau visualisation and provide 3 insights from the data.
  2. Introduction to Data – Statistics 101 (descriptive statistics) and medium level excel walkthrough. They don’t go into too much details in more useful excel tools such as Pivot tables and vlookup and the main project doesn’t require this. You’ll be looking at a large dataset and creating graphs from this.
  3. SQL for Data Analysis – The Udacity platform have an inbuilt sql text editor, thanks to Mode. You don’t need any SQL knowledge prior, as this section is well structure on what you need to know about SQL. In the project, you get access to a database and need to conduct join & aggregate queries.
  4. Data Visualisation – This is a fun section, and it’s all about Tableau. I fell in love with Tableau after this section, and have used it for my side projects ever since. You’ll learn about best design practices and data visualisation in tableau (creating stories and dashboard). You get to choose from 3 large datasets in the final project and create informative and visually appealing dashboards.
  5. Bonus Section 1 – Advanced SQL Materials – Keep learning SQL when you complete, it’s one of those things Business Analyst and Data Analyst should know.

This program has a slack channel, and everyone on it seem to be helpful. Feedback received for projects is detailed, and although it wasn’t challenging, the projects were very open ended, which allowed for creativity. To get the most out of your Nanodegree, I highly suggest you do the external readings related to the tops at the same time and keep playing around with the tools you learn. (excel, sql & tableau). Keep improving your knowledge by taking more advanced courses in statistics! The price is steep, but if you are getting sponsored by a company or looking to get into BA, then this is a good starting point.  This is a good lead onto the more advanced Predictive Analytics or Data Analytics Nanodegree.

You can find the syllabus here and my certificate here. I’ll be writing more detailed post on each section & project (See project section). Any questions, feel free to message me!

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