A little bit more about me

Hi everyone! Thank’s for stopping by my blog!

I’m William Chow, 24 year old kid from Sydney, Australia.

I have a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Technology, Sydney and diploma in software development. I will be undertaking a graduate certificate in computing in UNSW to transition to a masters in IT next year.

My first ever job was in McDonald’s. I did a web/software development internship during my diploma in software development. I now work in Operations at a marketing tech startup.

My biggest passion is in data and tech, so expect to hear a lot from me on this! In fact, I have a tech blog dedicated for this, you can find it on techstartups.com.au

What are some my interests? Heaps! I enjoy hiking/bushwalking (every weekend I would go do a hike (either Saturday or Sunday), I enjoy playing Tennis (try to play once a week on a weeknight), I love starting up new side projects (once a month perhaps!?), I also love playing chess, poker, reading, playing PC games, swimming, trail running, photography, volunteering, performing magic, watching all sorts of sports, attending tech meetups, listening to 80s music and write!

I try to travel at least twice a year. One internationally (sometime during the year) and one domestic (end of year). My bucket list this year is to do the Everest Base Camp Trek.

You can check out my other blogs:
Economics: thateconomist.com
Tech Blog: techstartups.com.au
Hiking Blog: yourhikingbuddy.com

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