Finished Uni!

University of Technology, Sydney.
Started Uni: February 2012
Finished Uni: July 2016
Graduation Ceremony: October 2016

And that is it! Completed my University degree (Bachelor of Business, with Extended Major in Economics) at the University of Technology, Sydney.

After 4.5 years, I have completed my degree. I have seen 3 new buildings pop up on campus and 2 buildings demolished. But wait, isn’t a business degree only 3 years? I started Uni with a double degree (Engineering + Business). I enrolled and completed in engineering subjects in my first year (thanks to UTS recommendation), and wasn’t really enjoying what I was doing, thus I dropped out of my Engineering degree and focused on my Business degree. I then chose Accounting and Economics as my majors, but, as an entrepreneurial minded person, I didn’t really fancy accounting as a subject. Funny, because I got my inspiration from Eric Ries (after all he said the accounting in many companies was incredibly simple anyway: revenue, margins, free cash flows – all were zero. Although accounting is at the heart of our modern management techniques so I will always respect this).

So I changed to an extended major in Economics. Economics is the field where I have the most interests in, partly because its also a social science. I love the analytical subjects (Micro) and thus some of my favourite subjects includes Game Theory and Labour Economics. I also found Behavioural Economics very interesting because as a poker and chess player, I could relate how important psychology and maths mix together.

What I enjoyed most during Uni, was not the classes, but it was what I did outside the classes in University. Whether it was founding my own society (UTS Poker Society – now over 500 members!), doing extra curricular competitions/projects (eg. UTS Project Pitch – pulled an overnighter here and is the inspiration behind my first project – Owneroom),  being an Orientation Adviser (UTS Peer Networker!), being an executive for one of the largest society on campus (UTS Business Society) or just running around campus trying to find something (UTS Amazing Race) it was an experience that I will miss. I have met some of my best friends in University (and we have done a lot of insane stuff together, from travelling the world to building a business together etc), and for that I am grateful for University for all the networks it has brought me.

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